ReSound Smart Hearing Aids Give You More Control Over Your Tinnitus

ReSound pioneered the industry with the release of the Made for iPhone hearing aid, but that's not the only thing they're taking the lead on. ReSound has also integrated its tinnitus therapy sound generator (TS) into the new ReSound Smart app, giving users with tinnitus more control over their management process.

Approximately 80% of people with tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss, benefiting from the use of a combination device that includes both amplification and tinnitus sound therapy.

Many manufacturer's have taken note of this, developing a hearing aid with built in tinnitus sound therapy features . While these combination hearing and tinnitus devices are a great help to those with tinnitus, wearers are required to return to their hearing healthcare professional for an adjustment.

If you suffer from tinnitus, you are probably aware that the level and quality of your tinnitus can change from day to day or even second to second, depending on the time of the day, your stress level, or environment.

With ReSound's new “Smart” tinnitus management system, you now have more control over your own tinnitus sound therapy to adjust when needed.

ReSound also offers the ReSound Relief app for free to anyone with tinnitus as a sound therapy tool. Anyone can use the app on their smartphone.

For those with hearing loss, they can stream the sound therapy directly to their hearing aids (with the use of an intermediary device from their manufacturer).

But, with ReSound's Smart hearing aid line, users can benefit from the hearing aid and direct tinnitus sound therapy streaming from their hearing aids.

With the release of ReSound's fourth generation Smart hearing aid, the LiNX2, they are currently the only company that has a comprehensive hearing aid integrated tinnitus package that gives the user control of their tinnitus management through the use of an app.


Wearers of the LiNX2  can adjust the settings of the hearing aid using the Smart app, as well as the settings of the tinnitus sound therapy.

Users have the option of 6 different nature-inspired sounds or a white noise sound that can be adjusted by frequency and modulation to provide them with a personalized sound for tinnitus relief.

No more constant trips back and forth to the hearing healthcare office for an adjustment. The tinnitus sound therapy can now be done adjusted right from your smartphone (or smartwatch), giving users more control over their tinnitus.

Lindsey Banks


Lindsey Banks is a graduate of the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program at the University of Florida. She uses her diverse experience in hearing healthcare and her passion for helping people to provide credible information to those with hearing loss who visit Everyday Hearing.

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