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8 Natural Remedies for Hearing Loss


According to the Prescription for Nutritional Healing, almost 24 million people in the USA alone are victims of hearing loss, but only 3.5 million hearing aids are sold globally.

That means millions upon millions of people are not treating their hearing loss with aids.

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But what about natural remedies for hearing loss?

Do they exist?

Can they work?

Let’s take a look.

What exactly causes hearing loss?

Before we talk about some natural cures, let’s first take a quick look at what (usually) causes hearing loss.

There are two types of hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss. Each of them carries its own unique attributes and causes.

Causes of sensorineural hearing loss:

  • Viral infections such as Measles
  • Loud noise exposure
  • Medications that damage hearing
  • Aging
  • Hereditary hearing loss
  • High fevers
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumor

Causes of conductive hearing loss:

  • Perforation of the eardrum
  • Wax build-up
  • Ear infections
  • Calcification or injury of the bones in the middle ear
  • Foreign objects in the ear canal

4 Herbs for Hearing Loss

The next question most people ask after causes is “how can you treat the condition?”

Well, there are multiple ways to treat hearing loss such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, surgery, and even herbs.

Herbs?? Yeah!

In the US alone, ¾ of people with hearing impairment choose to go with natural remedies such as the use of herb or changing their nutrition.

Herbs contain vital elements that help prevent or reduce the deterioration of hearing loss. Because we love to see you live a healthy life, we’ve compiled 4 herbs that will help you out of this.

We always advocate that before you start using herbs, you consult your doctor first.

1. Echinacea

Also known as the American coneflower, Echinacea is one of the popular herbs full of health benefits. On top of boosting the immune system and fight symptoms of cold, it also counters other bizarre infections that could lead to hearing loss.

This herb houses antibiotics which help in fighting viruses or germs that can cause inner ear infections. Additionally, it also reduces inflammation of the sinus and ear tissues thus enhancing good hearing sense.

The bitter taste may come as a turn off to many, but the rewards are nothing short of spectacular. You can access it over the counter at supermarkets or pharmacies in form of tea, dried herb, liquid extracts or pills.

2. Ginger

Despite ginger being just an ingredient in Indian foods and Asian stir-fry dishes. Its use dates back to the ancient times as a natural remedy.

Research has shown that ginger has antibiotics and antiviral components that are essential in preventing infections that cause hearing loss. That notwithstanding, the herb regulates and activates nerves that facilitate sound transmission waves to the brain.

3. Turmeric

Indians adore and envy turmeric for its medicinal value. True to their belief it’s classified as one of the best medicinal herb known to man.

It contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties that assist your brain and body to function in a seamless fashion. Closer home, its rich in potassium mineral which plays an essential role in facilitating healthy ear functioning.

4. Ginkgo Biloba

Tracing its origin in Asia, the Ginkgo herb is harvested from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree. On top of facilitating blood platelets production, this herb knocks down the hearing problem with a single punch.

It has been shown to facilitate proper blood circulation throughout the body and more specifically the ear tissues. Sufficient blood circulation in the ear makes it function more efficiently.

Lastly, Ginkgo gives a hand in relieving ringing in the ears.

4 other natural remedies for hearing loss

1. Essential oils. First, the bad news. There is no research that sensorineural hearing loss can be reversed or treated with essential oils. However, essential oils contain properties that can help the body fight what may be causing hearing loss.

For example, eucalyptus, while loved by koalas, is also great for people with allergies, which could be contributing to some fluid behind the ears and even a muffled feeling.

Lavendar can soothe and possibly help with the by products of hearing loss or tinnitus by reducing overall body inflammation.

2. Avoiding ototoxic medication. Here is a pretty comprehensive list. If your doctor has prescribed medication on this list, asking for an alternative prescription may help.

3. Brain games. The ability to hear sound is only one aspect of hearing. In order to interpret the meaning of sound and actually make sense of it, the auditory cortex of the brain must be able to process the information efficiently.

One way to help improve or maintain good speech processing ability (and ultimately good hearing ability) is to practice and improve your auditory processing skills. Brain games, such as those on Lumosity, may help to improve your hearing, especially in more complex environments like background noise.

4. Anti-oxidants. This study cites some anti-oxidants (i.e. Vitamin A, Vitamin E) help fight free radicals and help the body copy with oxidative stress.

Lack of scientific evidence

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this…

Although many people have found help with the herbs, oils, and other natural remedies above, it should be made clear there is very limited current scientific research to suggest any drug or treatment can reverse hearing loss.

This doesn’t mean it won’t work.

For instance, I recently herniated a disc in my lower back and the orthopedic surgeon told me that patients report recovery with acupuncture and possibly Curcumin even though there is a lack of studies to support this.

Final Take

Ears are some of the most important body organs.

This is because they make us aware of our environment.

For this reason, you should take care of these vital organs. On top of keeping them clean and dry, have them occasionally checked.

Since prevention is better than cure, you can also use the above herbs to supplement the overall well being of your ears to prevent potential damages that may lead to hearing loss.

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Needless to say, you need to consult your doctor before you start using them as they may react differently to different people.

Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dan Cherbert is an entrepreneur, husband and ultramarathon distance runner. He spends most of his time co-managing home sites like That Sweet Gift, Borncute, Gearweare, and Runnerclick.


  1. Oladunjoye Rasraph Hon. says:

    How possible is it to reverse hard on hearing due to measles that has been damaged for more than 25 years to this time. how can this be reversed?

  2. Nwofor Collins Ikechukwu says:

    How van I get binkgo biloba in Nigeria hear?

  3. J. K. Sharma says:

    My son 14 years old , suffering from sensorineural hearing loss form 2.5years approx.suggest proper natural treatment, along with currently treatments of allopathy.

  4. Stacy says:

    I woke up and couldn’t hear out of my left ear. Dr stated it was Sudden Hearing Loss due to a Viral Infection. Dr not sure how it happens. I’ve never had ear infection or any trauma to my ear or loud noises. After a week goes by I got in to see a ENT that dr gave me 3 steroid injection 1 every week as well as oral steroids my hearing is back at 84 % when first tested it was in the 52%. I can hear but the clarity is muffled and my ear fills clogged. And I hear what sounds like “white noise” in my ear at all times. I had a MRI which showed no signs of a growth or signs of a stroke. My ear on the inside looks great. Just one of those things that the drs can’t explain. I was even told that if I hadn’t come in as soon as I did. Then after the 1 month of having this issue then it wouldn’t have been anything they could have done. I had a 2nd opinion and that specialist pretty much told me the same thing. And I guess I’m just not happy with the 84% so I will now try a natural approach.

    1. Everyday Hearing says:

      Yes, it is true that the sooner you are treated for a sudden hearing loss, the greater chance you have of getting some of your hearing back. You can see more information about sudden hearing loss here:

  5. Brenda Russell says:

    had a bad cold or something…went to the doctor and he said lungs had fluid in them..he put me on steroids for 10 days

    my nose ran still runs and my ear drums hurt and get hot…and a noise now in both ears and it wont go away.
    I am still stopped up and pressure in the ear drrums…went to an ENT doctor yesterday mind you still stopped up and they
    performed a hearing test. mild to moderate loss in both ears. This has occurred in 4 weeks….since cold or whatever.
    the nose in the ear sounds like a low fizzing I have dentures and he even blamed this on miss alignment improper fit..
    Nobody has ever lost their hearing in my family history….what else can I do as I cannot accept this reasons..and not for being
    old either.

    1. Everyday Hearing says:

      We would recommend you follow the treatment recommendations of your ENT doctor. It is possible that your hearing will improve once your cold improves.

  6. Hi,

    Very useful article. Also, the first thing to do is to undergo with a hearing test to know what is the main cause before applying some natural remedies. Anyways, overall this article is great and very informative.

    George Hist

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