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What’s New in Hearing Aids Spring 2018

We are back with another edition of “What’s New in Hearing Aids,” this time for Spring 2018.

One quick thing before we get started, if you missed our Fall 2017 hearing aid update, be sure to check it out here.

We’ve continued to expand beyond the traditional Big 6, and if there’s something you think we missed (or would like us to look into more next time) then leave us a comment below.



Oticon continues to expand on their popular Opn hearing aid this Spring. Earlier in the year they released the highly awaited ConnectClip, an accessory that allows audio streaming from any smartphone to both hearing aids.

The Opn has had direct audio streaming capabilities from iPhones since its launch in Spring 2016, but Android users now have that capability with the ConnectClip.

The ConnectClip also has additional features, such as a remote microphone to help improve speech understanding in noisy environments, a basic remote function, as well as hands-free phone calls from all smartphones with the ConnectClip functioning as the talk-back mic for users.

This Spring Oticon will also be launching their new HearingFitness App. The app was a CES 2018 Innovation Award Recipient.


The new app will work in conjunction with their Opn hearing aids and will track hearing aid use, listening environments and other behaviors, gathering and collating data with measurements of heart rate, sleep patterns and other health markers for other wearable devices.

The app will give Opn users advice on ways to hear better, protect their hearing and stay healthier. For example, after a long day in a noisy environment, the app may suggest an early bed time.


Phonak has introduced the Naida B and Sky B hearing aids, rounding out their Belong platform that was first launched in Fall 2016.


The Naida style has been a very popular power hearing aid for those with severe to profound hearing loss. The Sky hearing aid is their pediatric BTE, also now on the Belong platform.


No news yet as to whether ReSound will be expanding on their LiNX 3D hearing aid this Spring. Check back for updates.


In the Fall, Signia launched the Signia Nx hearing aid platform, which provides the first Own Voice Processing (OVP) feature, said to improve spontaneous acceptance of one’s own voice by 80%.

This Spring they are introducing the Pure Charge & Go Nx, a lithiom-ion rechargeable hearing aid on the Signia Nx platform. The Pure Charge&Go offers the following features:

  • Natural-sounding Own Voice Processing (OVP) for better acceptance of the sound of your own voice while wearing hearing aids
  • Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone and Android with the Streamline Mic accessory
  • Remote adjustment support with Telecare 3.0
  • Contactless wireless charging in a small size


The new Streamline Mic accessory will connect any Signia Nx device to any smartphone for audio streaming of music, phone calls, etc.

Signia has also added the Motion 13P Nx BTE with a T-coil option to their Spring line for those with severe to profound hearing loss.

The new Silk Nx hearing aid from Signia is said to be “20% smaller than its predecessor”. It’s a ready-t0-wear hearing aid that is completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and on the Nx platform with binaural beamforiming technology and TwinPhone, enabling users to hear phone conversations through both ears. It is also the “world’s first CIC solution for single-sided deafness” with CROS technology.

Another option for those with single-sided deafness, the CROS Pure 312 Nx RIC has also been added to the Nx platform, as well as the Pure 13 Nx RIC with T-coil option and the Pure 10 Nx RIC for those looking for a tiny receive-in-the-canal (RIC) solution.


Starkey has expanded their iQ line of hearing aids to include the Muse iQ rechargeable hearing aid. It is a RIC hearing aid that utilizes both a ZPower charger and with a portable charging station plus an all-in-one portable charger that can charge your devices in 3.5 hours, 30 hours of hearing.


Unitron has just released the newest hearing aid on their Tempus platform, the Moxi All.

This tiny hearing aid has all the connectivity you would want. It pairs directly with all compatible Bluetooth cell phones, it allows for true hands-free calling with the talk-back mic built into the hearing aid, and it is rechargeable.

Check out the Moxi all here:


No news yet from Widex this Spring. Check back for updates.

Other hearing technology

Eargo, a direct-to-consumer hearing aid launched its Eargo Max hearing aid earlier this year at CES 2018. It is said to have a new processing chip for better sound fidelity and improved noise reduction capabilities.

With the recent approval of the over-the-counter hearing aid act, we are also keeping an eye on other companies coming out with these direct-to-consumer products.

Nuheara is launching a newer version of their IQ Buds, the “Boost” version that is supposed to allow calibration of of each ear to an individuals hearing function.

Wear & Hear recently launched the BeHear NOW at CES 2018, an assistive hearing product that looks more like Bluetooth headphones.

That’s it for the Spring 2018 update.

We’ll continue to update this post through the summer and will be back with an all new update in October 2018!


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