What’s New in Hearing Aids Fall 2015 Edition

New in Hearing Aids for Fall 2015

You may have seen our What's New in Hearing Aids Spring 2015 Edition and now we are back with an updated, better-than-ever Fall 2015 Edition to keep you up-to-date with the latest technology in hearing devices.

Each year, the Big 6 hearing aid manufacturers have two big releases of new products…a spring launch (typically around March to May) and a fall launch (typically around October to December). They not only aim to enhance the products to be better than ever, but to also differentiate what sets them apart from each other.

This year is no different. Each of the manufacturers have launched an update to their line of products. In this article, I will introduce you to what is new in hearing aids this fall.


Oticon is keeping their power products up-to-date by releasing a new Super Power hearing device for adults called Dynamo. It aims to meet the challenges of severe to profound hearing loss. It's cased in a newer, sleeker BTE shell design and incorporates Oticon's BrainHearing technology to preserve the clarity of speech.

You can find out more about Dynamo here.

In addition, Oticon has enhanced their “performance line” of hearing aids with the Alta2 Plus Power device, a smaller, more discreet option for those with severe hearing loss who do not necessarily need a super power aid such as Dynamo.

You can find out more about the Alta2 performance line here.


As a follow-up to their spring launch of the new Venture platform, Phonak has now made this technology available in their custom line of products, called the Virto V, from the smallest IIC up to a traditional ITE style.

The Virto V completes Phonak's Venture line, adding to their previously released BTE products, the Bolero V, and their RIC products, the Audeo V. The Venture technology is said to adapt with the listener's changing environments to improve speech understanding.

Find out more about the Virto V here.


In the spring of this year, ReSound launched their LiNX2 “smart hearing aids”, the first company to make a Made for iPhone hearing aid available in RIC, BTE, and custom styles.

Now, they also have the ReSound Smart app available for Apple Watch so patients using the LiNX2 devices can connect with their Apple Watch for more control and wireless functions.

You can find out more about the LiNX2 smart hearing aids here.


Expanding their binax hearing aid line and their first-ever OneMic directionality system, Siemens now offers a power in-the-canal (ITC) and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) model incorporating binax technology. This gives the binax technology and wireless capabilities to those with severe to profound hearing loss who still desire a discreet style.

Find out more about the Insio hearing aids here.


Starkey had a big spring launch with their new Z Series technology with increased wireless capabilities, as well as an addition of the BTE style Halo Made for iPhone hearing aids.

This fall, they have recently updated their TruLink Hearing Control app with better integration with the Apple Watch, as well as Pebble and Android watches.

You can find out more about Starkey hearing aids here.


Widex had a big fall launch this year, featuring their new UNIQUE hearing aids. The UNIQUE platform is said to capture more sound without distortion using a huge dynamic range. It has the best wind reduction technology of any hearing aids available and seamlessly adjusts to the listeners' different environments using distinct sound classes.

The new UNIQUE hearing aids are available in all style options, from their smallest CIC MICRO, RIC, BTE, and ITE styles.

You can find out more about the UNIQUE hearing aids here.

Widex has also launched a new wireless accessory, the COM-DEX, which is a smaller, stylish and hands-free way to connect their hearing aids to your smartphone.

You can find out more about the COM-DEX here.

These 6 manufacturers have comparable products, making them the best in the business. However, each new product release helps them have an additional “edge” against other manufacturers. More importantly though, each new product release provides a better solution for those with hearing loss.

That's it for the Fall 2015 edition. Be sure to check back in 2016 for the Spring edition. Leave a comment below if you've got any questions.

Lindsey Banks

Lindsey Banks


Lindsey Banks is a graduate of the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program at the University of Florida. She uses her diverse experience in hearing healthcare and her passion for helping people to provide credible information to those with hearing loss who visit Everyday Hearing.


  1. Pam says:

    To the gentleman that wrote after having chemotherapy his hearing was impaired. He may want to try the company Truhearing that can put him in touch with hearing professionals in his area.

    I am a lady that is a double cancer survivor, and I love my Starkey hearing aids. Can hear excellent even after chemo.

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