How to Wear Headphones (Safely)

They say that music is a universal language. Indeed, the earliest musical instruments date back 40,000 years, while the concept of music can be traced back further still. Music is also everywhere. From morning birdsong to the commercials we watch and the games we play, you can’t escape music – and you probably don’t want […]

ZVOX VoiceBud VB20 Hearing Amplifier Review

For the past month we had the opportunity to test and review ZVOX’s new personal sound amplifier: VoiceBud VB20. The Good: Overall device design (i.e. fit, ergonomics). The Bad: Over-amplification of soft and medium sounds. The Sound Worthy: It is very sleek looking and the volume button is easy to find for those without good […]

Nuheara IQbuds Boost: The Ultimate Hearing Buds?

We recently had the change to test out Nuheara’s new IQbuds Boost. In fact, we spent an entire month with them. Are they the ultimate hearing buds? Can they compete with more traditional personal sound amplifiers? Check out our full review below. The Good: Great design, quick and simple charging, and easy to use completely wireless earbuds […]

7 Best Headphones for Kids for Safe Listening

Our #1 Pick Best Headphones for Kids Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Premium Kids Headphones See them on Amazon Keep reading below to see our full list and all the information you need before buying. Contents 1. What do the studies show? 2. Can headphones actually be safe? 3. Our top 7 headphones for kids 4. […]

Pixie: Never Lose Your Hearing Aids Again

Have a hard time keeping track of your keys, wallet, glasses, hearing aids, phone charger, headphones, camera, purse, luggage, computer, pet, or TV remote? Then the Pixie tracker is for you! The Pixie tracker is the best tracker for people with hearing loss because it is the only tracker that uses both audio and visual […]

In a Changing Marketplace, Should Audiologists Recommend Hearing Aid Apps

The recent changes in regulations regarding hearing aids will, no doubt, lead to the creation of an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing device category for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. That’s exciting for many because of the convenience. It brings to mind what we’ve already seen in the optic industry. Remember when glasses without a […]

10 Life Changing Alarm Clocks for People with Hearing Loss

Living with a hearing loss means that you need to make some accommodations for yourself when it comes to daily living, like making sure your alarm clock wakes you up on time. This can be something that is easily overlooked by someone first diagnosed with a hearing loss, but there are several options available for […]

18 Best PSAP Hearing Devices of 2019

With the average cost of a hearing aid falling around $2,400, many people with hearing loss are asking, “Can a PSAP help my hearing?”. Personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), are low-cost hearing devices that can range from just $10 to $500 and can be purchased without a prescription or even a hearing evaluation. They are […]

7 Best Smart Doorbells for People With Hearing Loss in 2017

If you or someone with a hearing loss is living in your home, it is important that you put more thought into your doorbell. It can be frustrating to miss someone at your door or miss an important delivery because you couldn’t hear the doorbell ring. Most standard doorbells emit a high-frequency chime, which can […]

Best Phones for the Hearing Impaired

Telephone communication is the primary type of communication in today’s society. There’s an estimated 1.263 billion landlines and 4.77 billion mobile users. It’s absolutely incredible how connected we are as a global society. However, hearing on the telephone can be a challenge for many people, even if you only have a mild hearing loss. When […]

10 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones in 2018

Noise canceling headphones have been around for quite some time, but Bose still remains on top of the market with their QuietComfort series, particularly their latest QC 35. After extensive research (which we’ll get into below), the QC 35s came out on top. The market for noise canceling headphones has been growing, as witnessed at […]

Let’s Take a Look at the Latest Hearing Tech from CES 2017

The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, otherwise known as CES 2017, ended two days ago. And while I’m sure the event was amazing, our favorite part is recapping all the latest hearing technology (just like we did last year). There is a TON of hearing technology being showcased at CES 2017, even more than we saw […]

10 Best Completely Wireless Earbuds of 2019

If I wanted a pair of truly wireless headphones, I’d get the Jabra Elite Sport. After extensive research (which we’ll get into below), Jabra Elite came out on top. The market of actual wireless earbuds is extremely new and still very young. Not only did Jabra Elite outperform in just about every category, but they […]

A Look at All the Hearing Tech from CES 2016

Update: Janaury 13, 2017. Be sure to check out our recap of CES 2017 here. Today was the first day of CES 2016. If you’ve never scene or heard of CES it stands for Consumer Electronics Show and it is the premiere event for companies to showcase all their latest technology. And while I love seeing […]

The Complete Guide to Hearable Technology in 2019

More and more people are talking about the coming wave of hearing technology, and the inevitable change from wearables to hearables. But the truth is, it’s already here. We’re going to get into details about literally everything to do with hearable technology, so you can use the links below as a table of contents to […]