ZVOX VoiceBud VB20 Hearing Amplifier Review

For the past month we had the opportunity to test and review ZVOX’s new personal sound amplifier: VoiceBud VB20. The Good: Overall device design (i.e. fit, ergonomics). The Bad: Over-amplification of soft and medium sounds. The Sound Worthy: It is very sleek looking and the volume button is easy to find for those without good […]

Nuheara IQbuds Boost: The Ultimate Hearing Buds?

We recently had the change to test out Nuheara’s new IQbuds Boost. In fact, we spent an entire month with them. Are they the ultimate hearing buds? Can they compete with more traditional personal sound amplifiers? Check out our full review below. The Good: Great design, quick and simple charging, and easy to use completely wireless earbuds […]

7 Ways Hearing Dogs Help Deaf People (And Change Your Life)

Losing your hearing, or being born deaf, can be a difficult thing to come to terms with. You can miss the sounds you used to hear, or feel down because you may never know what they sound like in the first place. It may not be easier, but a hearing dog could help to turn […]

What’s New in Hearing Aids Fall 2018 Edition

We are back with another edition of “What’s New in Hearing Aids,” this time for Fall 2018. One quick thing before we get started, if you missed our Spring 2018 hearing aid update, be sure to check it out here. We’ve continued to expand beyond the traditional Big 6, and if there’s something you think we […]

6 Best Career Opportunities for Deaf People

Though the percentage of educated deaf individuals has increased, there are still open ends when it comes to hiring them. As per a study, only 48% of deaf people are working, as compared to 72% of hearing people. What is the reason for such low rate of employment of deaf people? Are there no job […]