Breaking News: Wearing Hearing Aids May Prevent Dementia

There are plenty of reasons to wear your hearing aids, but the University of Exeter, all the way over in England, have solidified another. If you think about hearing loss, you might be able to see how it would be mentally taxing. If you’ve ever been at a bar or noisy restaurant, straining to hear […]

Beltone Hearing Aids Reviews – Overview, and Prices

It doesn’t take much research into the world of hearing aids to uncover an inherent truth – it’s all rather complicated. There are a lot of companies out there gunning for your attention, with each selling different models and products. What makes this even more complicated is that some hearing aid manufacturers are actually owned […]

Oticon Hearing Aids Reviews – Overview and Prices

The hearing aid battlefield is a fierce one. A whole host of players strategically make moves, claim territory, and advance towards their ultimate goal – to be the brand you crown as your hearing aid provider. Oticon is one such brand, and has been for a while. Founded in 1904, Oticon is over a hundred […]

ReSound Hearing Aids Reviews – Overview and Prices

There are enough distinct hearing aids on the market to make your head spin. Different manufacturers comprise different brands, with different brands comprising different models… truth be told, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to give you a rundown of the best, most popular models. Here, we’ll be talking about […]

Phonak Hearing Aids Reviews, Overview and Prices

With any type of product these days, all kinds of brands are vying for your wallet. Despite the fact that they’re health products, hearing aids are no exception. So to make your choice easier, we’ll be looking at each of the “Big Six” hearing aid manufacturers, and breaking down features and noteworthy elements that might […]